Buy Fencing Online Frequently Asked QuestionsPOOL FENCING

Q.1: Do I need to erect a pool fence before I can fill my pool?

Yes. You cannot by law fill your pool until a pool fence as been erected and certified by a qualified Certifier or your Local Council. Please always refer to the Pool Regulations in your State prior to commencing any work.

Q.2: Can my pool gate open inwards towards the pool?

No. All pool gates must open outwards away from the water and must self close within 3 seconds to meet the Australian Standards. Please always refer to the Pool Regulations in your State prior to commencing any work.

Q.3: What is the standard height of Pool Fencing and is making the fence higher safer?

      The minimum height for any pool fence is 1200mm from any ground surface. Any horizontal surfaces or protrusions within a 1200mm (1.2 metres) radius from the top of the fence greater than 10mm (half the size of a 5 cent piece) can constitute a foot hold requiring removal or additional height in the fence to compensate. Under normal circumstances, increasing the height of the pool fence can increase the safety of your pool fencing. In reality, the standard is based on a 5 year old child, so older children may still get over the fence in many cases. Taking this into account, we recommend pool safety education for older children.

Q.4: Can you use 6mm Glass in Semi-Frameless pool fencing?

        In our opinion, NO WAY! Glass pool fencing must comply with the requirements of Australian Standard 1926. Although this standard does not refer to 'the glass standard' AS1288, this is an oversight in our opinion. Pool Fencing in general is covered under the Building Act of 1993 which incorporates the Building Code of Australia (BCA). This references 'the glass standard' AS1288 - Glass in buildings and therefore all fencing (including Pool fencing) must comply with this standard. This means that 6mm glass is inadequate for use in a semi-frameless application unless the post spacing is reduced to 590mm (roughly two rulers) apart. Often, this ruins the appearance most people expect from their glass pool fence. However, we offer frameless and semi-frameless fencing options which offer a higher degree of safety for you and your family. 


      Q.5: How do I place an order?

      Our 5 Step Process is really easy to use.
      Step 1: You simply choose the fencing type and amount you require for your project.
      Step 2
      : Choose a gate (or simply skip over this step).
      Step 3
      : Choose your posts (skip over if not required).
      Step 4
      : Choose the fixings such as bolts etc you require.
      Step 5
      : Place your order in the checkout! It's that easy!

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      Or, if you are choosing one particular item and wish to go immediately to the checkout, simply click on the checkout on the top right hand side of the page. You can always check the items you have placed in your shopping cart by selecting 'shopping cart' on the top right hand side of the menu.

      Q.6:  How do I know if you have my fence/fence materials in stock?

      Our online system will let you know if the product is currently out of stock. Our manufacturer's are very efficient and will supply each order as quickly as possible. If you try to place an order and it is out of stock please do not hesistate to fill out the enquiry form or phone us to find out our shortest possible delivery time.

      Q.7:  How do I pay for my products?

      We accept all major credit cards.

      Q.8: Can I order from the website and collect my order from your depot?

      Unfortunately, this is not possible due to the location of our premises.


      Q.9: Do your prices include delivery?

      All delivery costs are calculated prior to your order proceeding to the checkout for payment. Due to our large delivery area it is not possible to include delivery charges in our pricing.

      Q.10: How long after I place an order can I expect delivery?

      There are a few different options available. Actual delivery time will depend upon where your location. Generally, orders will take up to 5 days from placing your order to delivery. However, if your particular order is in short supply, please allow extra time. Our friendly staff will call or email you to let you know the progress of your order and approximate delivery time.


      Q.11: Will I need to be there when my order is delivered?

      No. If you are happy for the materials to be left in a pre-arranged area we will instruct the delivery team to leave them in the allocated area for your collection.



      Q.12: Do buyfencingonline.com.au guarantee online products?

      Yes we do. All the fencing products we manufacture come with a 10 Year Warranty. Our Aluminium or Steel Fencing Powder Coating caomes with a 7 Year Warranty.


      Q.13: Do you custom make fencing and accessories?

      Yes we do. Simply fill in the enquiry form here or on any of our pages to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, call us on 0418 983 429 to speak with our friendly staff!




      Q.14: How difficult is it to keep glass pool fencing clean?

        All products placed in an external environment require some form of cleaning & maintenance. Treating the glass with a wax such as those found in car wash detergents not only help keep your glass clean but also reduce the amount of times the glass needs to be cleaned. The glass can be cleaned with a bucket of hot soapy water (using a car wash detergent with a wax additive) and a soft bristled broom, hosed off and left to dry.

      Q.15: What is the standard height of a balustrade?

        Minimum height as stated in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) is 1000mm (1.0 metres) from the finished floor level on the balcony, terrace or landing and 865mm (0.865 metres) from any stair nose. At The Fence Depot we utilise the latest in laser level technology to take all measurements and generally make all balustrades 1020 - 1050mm to guarantee compliance and ensure that you balustrade conforms with this standard.

      Q.16: Which finish do you believe is better, stainless steel or powder coated?

        Although stainless steel has a luxurious and elegant appeal, it is more suited to an internal application where it can not be affected by the elements. All stainless steel products installed in an external application will tarnish over time and require some form of cleaning or maintenance. This surface rust, also known as Tea-Staining, does not affect the structural adequacy of the product used and tends to be accelerated in certain conditions such as coastal regions. Powder Coating on the other hand, has proven to be a far superior alternative for any external application. We happily back our Powder Coating finishes with a 7 year manufacturers warranty and in some cases can be procured with 15-25 year warranties. Powder Coating comes in many colours and can be cleaned very easily with a mild detergent in the same fashion as cleaning a car. Detergents with a wax additive, such as car wash detergents can not only protect the painted surface but also help to keep the painted surface and glass cleaner for longer.