Fencing Products & Ideas
With a wide range of fencing products and fencing ideas available today many of us have trouble choosing the right fences and gates for our properties. At buyfencingonline.com.au our expert knowledge in the field has allowed us to provide our customers with not only quality low cost fence panels online, but fencing products and fencing materials that are designed to keep your family safe. Our range listed below provides not only the benefits of each fence type but information about its durability and suitablility for your lifestyle.

Black Flat Top Pool Fencing & Gates
Finished putting in the pool and finding that the budget is tight? Looked at many fencing ideas and realised that they're not in the budget? Then take a look at our Best Selling Fence on the market today - Black Flat Top Pool Fencing. It's stylish, sophisticated, and best of all a low cost security alternative to keep your family safe.

Not only is it simple to install, lightweight, powdercoated, and low maintenance, it also adds value to your property. How good is that - secure- low cost - stylish fencing that increases your property's value? What more could you want? If you are on a limited budget and looking for a value for money alternative for your pool fencing - then this pool fencing idea may be the ideal solution for you. And to finish off the look - we stock a range of matching aluminium gates and fixings designed to further enhance your family's safety and security.

Semi- Frameless Glass Pool Fencing 10mm & Gates
Looking for a fence that will blend in with the environment and add safety for your children and pets? Then why not consider installing a Semi- Frameless Glass pool fence to compliment your pool or property. With its stunning semi -clear design you can keep a watchful eye on your family while you also take time to relax.

Each panel is made from 10mm quality glass and is secured with rubbers that attach to an aluminium post that attaches to almost any surface. They are made from superior fully certified materials and comply with Australian Pool Safety Standards. We also stock matching gates and fixings to add to the safety and security of your family.

Aluminium Slat Panels & Gates
There are literally hundreds of fencing ideas on the market today to keep your home safe and secure. But what if you already have a fence but want to change the look of it, or you are looking to create a truly unique design of your own? Then aluminium slat panels may be the answer. Not only do they add class and privacy to your property but they provide you with security and safety by allowing you to see out but minimizing visiblility for others to see in.

With its strong and durable powder coated finish it is designed to be a low maintenance, long lasting solution. It comes in a range of colours in a modular system that allows you to tailor a size to suit your needs. They are truly one of the most versatile fencing products on the market today. The ideas are endless when it comes to these panels. They look great in timber and brick fences, on decks, windows, and carports, or they can be used in brick pier in fills, and sliding and pedestrian gates. If you think it - you can probably do it! Don't forget the gate, posts, and fixings to boost the look of your unique creation.

Weld Mesh & Chain Wire Fencing
If versatility, safety, security, and durability are top of mind when you consider your fencing needs, then steel welded mesh fencing is the perfect product for you. It is suitable to use in any area, or terrain and is difficult to climb making it ideal for keeping the right people in and the wrong people out. It is available in a variety of sizes and specifications to suit your needs. Custom Panels and Entry/Pedestrian gates are also available to complete your job.

Or if you are trying to find a simple and economical solution for fencing the perimeter of your home, industrial site, school or sporting facility, building site, boundary fencing, storage partitions or enclosures, window guards, or as a safety fence for your pallet racking - then chain wire fencing is the solution It's ease of installation allows for a quick turn around time.It is available in galvanised or coloured PVC coating (black or green) in various heights and barb wire top strands can be added for extra security. Swing or sliding gates can also be made to suit your requirements.

Aluminium Pool Fencing & Gates
Imagine a pool fence that is hard-wearing, maintenance-free, resistant to the elements, provides a decorative effect to your home, pool or garden, and added safety for your family. A fence that is easy to fit, lightweight, tough, rust-free, and comes in a range of colours designed to compliment any style or decor. Sounds almost too good to be true doesn't it?

At buyfencingonline.com.au our Aluminium Pool Fencing is this and more. The rails are made from a superior horizontal tubular design which allows the rails to sit flush to the ground without a foothold in the middle to prevent toddlers and pets from climbing over or crawling underneath the fence.And for added peace of mind, all of our pool fencing is made from superior full certified materials that comply with Australian Pool Safety Standards. You might say this is the perfect all-rounder that suits most properties and lifestyles!

Frameless Glass 12mm & Gates
Stunning, stylish, safe, secure and maximum visibility. These are just some of the features of Frameless Glass pool fencing. This type of fence is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and almost inconspicuous in its design. It's rounded polished edges enhance any pool or outdoor area.

Constructed of 12mm toughened glass that is fitted into a clamp and bolted through the glass, it provides a secure firm structure without the need for posts. Therefore, further eliminating the chance of a child or pet entering the pool area. Remember, if a child cannot access the pool - they cannot fall in. All of our pool fencing supplies are fully certified and comply with Australian Pool Safety Standards.

Colorbond Fencing
Colorbond Coloursmart fencing is one of the most versatile steel privacy fencing ranges on the market. Not does it provide ultimate privacy and security, is it long lasting, resistant to 'destructive and pesky termites', is wind and fire resistant, and will not fade or chip. Thus, allowing more time for leisure!

The design will compliment any property with its extensive range of colours that blend with the environment and emphasize other landscaping features. Overall, Colorbond Coloursmart fencing is a great all round fence that will minimize property maintenance and showcase your outdoor living areas.

Dog & Pet Fencing
Animals are wonderful companions who need just as much security and safety as we do. Installing a pet fence will not only protect your pets but it will eliminate the stress of worrying about them while you are away from your property. A protective fence can literally be worth it's weight in gold when it comes to protecting our pets.!

That's why at Buy Fencing Online we supply two types of pet fencing that not only keeps your pets safe but allows them freedom to run around your property all day. Our Chainwire fencing is ideal for protecting your pets from harm. It is simple to use, is economical and comes in galvanised or coloured PVC coating (black or green). Or, if you are looking for a more durable, stronger fence then our Steel Welded Mesh fencing is perfect for keeping your pet in and any unwanted pets out!

So as you can see, no longer do you have to travel to a showroom for fencing ideas, fencing supplies or fencing prices, you simply place your order, and wait for it to arrive!. Just 5 clicks and its on its way saving you time and money. Our warehouse facility allows us to carry more than 1,500 fence panels and gates and accessories meaning most orders can be filled immediately. What's more our relationship with our local Manufacturing Partners enables us to offer our fencing products direct to you with the shortest delivery time in the industry today. This also means we can supply and deliver fencing products and fencing accessories to anywhere in Australia. It doesn't matter if you live in VIC, SA, TAS, NSW, ACT, NT, or WA our delivery trucks are ready and waiting to bring your fencing supplies to you at a discounted fencing prices.