Frameless Toughened Glass
Cat Frameless Fencing Orange T Over Frameless Glass Fencing 12mm
Stunning, stylish, safe and secure. This type of pool fencing is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, provides uninterrrupted views of your surroundings, and is almost inconspicuous in its design. It's rounded polished edges and 316 stainless steel spigotts will enhance any pool or outdoor area while adding value to your property.

It is constructed from 12mm toughened glass that is fitted into a stainless steel spigott which is in-turn fixed to your existing deck or concrete area. Furthermore, it is designed to withstand strong winds, storms and impacts. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best pool fence systems as it allows you to see your loved one's while they are in, or around the pool area.

 For further piece of mind, all of our pool fencing supplies at are fully certified and comply with Australian Pool Safety Standards.

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